The Mediterranea manifesto


We’re here to celebrate and share the culture of the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea.

Our primary focus is food and in particular the Mediterranean diet. We use an evidence-based approach to the advice we give and the recipes we create.

We’re not saying every recipe can be optimally healthy – sometimes a certain ingredient has to go in there – but we always aim to reduce salt, refined sugars and saturated fat and boost fibre.

We have included the NHS BMI calculator on our website and we strongly recommend using it to help maintain a healthy body mass (weight).

We will mostly bring you the type of food you’d find on the table in the average working class home. The type of food you’d get if invited in to eat, a common experience of independent travellers.

It’s mainly vegetarian and sometimes vegan but easily adapted for meat eaters. It’s always easy to prepare with the fresh ingredients and flavour taking centre stage rather than the presentation.

It could be street food or dishes common in working class restaurants & cafes such as the delicious Tunisian lablabi.

We’re not really about:


We’re more:

It could never be:


But will more likely be:

We add our own hacks and those suggested by local people in the country of origin and we investigate the dish or the region so you’ve got more to talk about over dinner.


Our friends over at Mediterranea Radio provide a soundtrack of traditional and/or contemporary regional music for your own pleasure or your dinner party.

So far they’ve created Café Arabia (North Africa/Middle East):

Café Anatoli (Turkish/Kurdish):

Café Italia (Italian):

Café Gallia (French):

And Café Iberia (Spanish/Catalan):

Café Balkana (Albanian/Former Yugoslavian/Greek):

Why do we only use Mixcloud?

Mixcloud pays royalties to various collecting societies who in turn distribute them to artists, labels and publishers.

You can rest assured that the artists will benefit when you listen.

We believe there is an abundance of amazing contemporary music around the Mediterranean that is often overlooked in the anglophone sphere.

We aim to bring you all the latest news, videos, gigs and info on these bands and artists as well as including them in the Café mixes.

We also want to promote safe and sustainable tourism to the regions featured so check our travel section for information & ideas.

And if we find any images from Mediterranean countries that take our fancy, we’ll probably share them with you.

Some of our favourite recipes so far include the Moroccan/Algerian breakfast pancake Beghrir, a seriously tasty Broccoli & Bleu d’Auverge soup, two other delicious soup dishes from Morocco: Potato & Za’atar and Chickpea & Ras-el-Hanout and a hearty Bolognese Sauce with Balsamic Vinegar.

Conurbation Club Blue Cheese Broccoli Soup

Thanks for stopping by and supporting our philosophy.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Bon Appétit y Buon Ascolto.

Album image from ‘Aurora’ by I Cani. Low resolution image used for illustrative/review purposes only. Owned by I Cani/42 Records/Don’t Panic!