Sweet Potato Harira.

29th August 2016 Mediterranea 0
Harira is a delicious and nutritious North African soup loaded with vegetables and pulses. Like most dishes from the region, it has a good many

Two Summer Purées.

25th July 2016 Mediterranea 0
With BBQ season fast approaching, we thought we’d share these easy chickpea based purées. They are similar to hummus, but are much lighter. We think


29th December 2015 Mediterranea 0
Baghrir (or beghrir) are ancient Berber pancakes originating in North Africa. When cooked correctly, they have many tiny holes on the upper side. The most common

Tunisian Lablabi

12th December 2015 Mediterranea 0
Lablabi or Lablebi (لبلابي) is a Tunisian dish based on chickpeas in a thin garlic and cumin flavoured soup. It is served over small pieces