Mediterranea Muhammara.

8th May 2017 Mediterranea 0
We’ve adjusted the traditional muhammara recipe to reduce the salt and we don’t use breadcrumbs. Our recipe is the version containing pomegranate syrup. It is

Mushroom Acquacotta.

5th September 2016 Mediterranea 0
We’ve adapted the traditional Acquacotta recipe to bring you a vegetarian version that is full of flavour. The addition of mushrooms is common and you

Turkish menemen.

7th May 2016 Mediterranea 0
We present our take on the delicious Turkish breakfast dish; menemen. A tasty scrambled egg with green peppers and tomato, flavoured with oregano, thyme &

Simple Provençal Tian.

31st January 2016 Mediterranea 0
We’ve devised an extremely simple and tasty Provençal Tian that keeps everything soft and delicious. Cheese, breadcrumbs or garlic sauce can be used as a