Café Arabia 2019

13th February 2019 Mediterranea 0
Regional music from Mediterranea Radio. New Year, new rules. Our regional music mixes now contain only tracks from the current or previous year. We’re keeping

Café Balkana.

4th February 2018 Mediterranea 0
Café Balkana features traditional and contemporary sounds from the Mediterranean shores of the Balkan Peninsula. Featured artists include Nikos Ikonomopoulos, Vanna, Dino Merlin, Joel, Antonela

Mediterranea Muhammara.

8th May 2017 Mediterranea 0
We’ve adjusted the traditional muhammara recipe to reduce the salt and we don’t use breadcrumbs. Our recipe is the version containing pomegranate syrup. It is

Café Iberia.

19th April 2017 Mediterranea 0
Café Iberia combines some of the best indie and electronica from Spain and Catalonia over the past 5 years. Featured artists include Cala Vento, Novedades

Mushroom Acquacotta.

5th September 2016 Mediterranea 0
We’ve adapted the traditional Acquacotta recipe to bring you a vegetarian version that is full of flavour. The addition of mushrooms is common and you

Sweet Potato Harira.

29th August 2016 Mediterranea 0
Harira is a delicious and nutritious North African soup loaded with vegetables and pulses. Like most dishes from the region, it has a good many

Two Summer Purées.

25th July 2016 Mediterranea 0
With BBQ season fast approaching, we thought we’d share these easy chickpea based purées. They are similar to hummus, but are much lighter. We think

Turkish menemen.

7th May 2016 Mediterranea 0
We present our take on the delicious Turkish breakfast dish; menemen. A tasty scrambled egg with green peppers and tomato, flavoured with oregano, thyme &

Café Anatoli

7th May 2016 Mediterranea 0
New music from Mediterranea Radio. Café Anatoli combines traditional and contemporary sounds from Turkey. With thanks to ‘Your Middle East’ for some of the recommendations. Featured

Café Italia.

6th April 2016 Mediterranea 0
New music from Mediterranea Radio. Café Italia has a very modern feel. Thanks to the people over at IndieItaly for the recommendations. Artists featured include

Café Gallia

31st January 2016 Mediterranea 0
New music from Mediterranea Radio. Café Gallia features a range of contemporary genres. From sublime French chanson by artists such as Alex Beaupain and Benjamin

Simple Provençal Tian.

31st January 2016 Mediterranea 0
We’ve devised an extremely simple and tasty Provençal Tian that keeps everything soft and delicious. Cheese, breadcrumbs or garlic sauce can be used as a


29th December 2015 Mediterranea 0
Baghrir (or beghrir) are ancient Berber pancakes originating in North Africa. When cooked correctly, they have many tiny holes on the upper side. The most common

Café Arabia.

13th December 2015 Mediterranea 0
Regional music from Mediterranea Radio. Café Arabia is an eclectic journey through the Middle East and North Africa. It features songs of the legendary Lebanese

Tunisian Lablabi

12th December 2015 Mediterranea 0
Lablabi or Lablebi (لبلابي) is a Tunisian dish based on chickpeas in a thin garlic and cumin flavoured soup. It is served over small pieces